Sunday, June 8, 2014

Advantage: The Art of Jared Salmond

Just wanted to say thanks to all my friends and family who came out to my art show! It went splendidly and I had about three times the amount of people I thought would come. People really enjoyed the show and a lot of my schoolmates really thought I cranked out a lot of good material!

  A special thanks to my wife Mackenzie, she is awesome and has always been a great support to me (Love you Kenz). Plus anything good about the art show was mainly her doing!

Thanks to my parents for always being so supportive in my art and for watching Kai so he didn't destroy everything! Thanks to sir Adam Munoa for help with the easels and for being an awesome friend to me throughout these long years at school. I really have met some great friends throughout these years at school (I would name them all but pretty much all my UVU schoolmates have been great plus I don't want to forget anybody). Thanks to my boss/es Jared and Amy Peterson, they have been gracious enough to let me have a crazy school schedule as long as I could get the job done. School, work, and family at the same time was a little crazy at times, (especially when Kai was up in the middle of the night) but it was all worth it! UVU was a great Illustration school, I loved my awesome teachers like: Will Terry, Perry Stewart, Don Seegmiller, and Howard Fullmer. Each helped me in different ways but let me be who I wanted too.

Thanks to my father in law Dave Heaps for the great photos of the show, you should check out his stuff if you get a chance!

 People really dug the free prints. Mostly because they are free I think. My wife tells me there were a lot of happy kids there. You can also see the dessert table back there, which was used well.

So below this post is what I've been working on this last year. I'll be posting each as a separate post to help with Google image searches! You may need to click on the Salmond Joy logo to see all the posts below! Thanks!


Alicia Call said...

Congrats on an amazing show! Looks great. Wish I could have come. You've done a lot of brilliant work over the past year. Cheers!

Jared Salmond said...

thanks Lee! It was fun! I'm so glad its over! Thanks for checking it out on the blog!